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Greece is a place with many wonders and the most famous one would have to be the Parthenon.

*NOTE: Grecian Time Line- 2000-30 B.C. Refered to as "The Great Decorators" for their use of ornamental detail.

Also refered to as the acropolis meaning "high point of a city". This area was solely devoted to religious purposes.

The Parthenon has Doric style columns all around the perimeter of it; the architects were Ictinus and Callicrates.

This is a comparison of the colomns that you will find in Greek architecture:

The first one is Doric which is simple and has a rectangular top. The second one is Ionic and that one is an interpretation of a rams horns. The third one is Corinthian which is an intrepretation of bundled flowers.

Finally a Ladies Chair:

This chair is called the Klismos designed specifically for women to sit on. The chair is made of wood and called one of the most graceful chairs. This is purely a Greek invention with no influence of Egypt. The most interesting part of the chair are the splayed legs. This will be repeated later on in the: Directoire, Empire, and Regency peroids.

Something with a Modern Touch....

This is a reconstructed version of the Kline it was a bed but also functioned like a modern day sofa; they even used it for dining. It's very similar to a chaise lounge ("long chair") for: sleeping, eating, drinking, lounging, and conversing.

Another image of the "classic" Kline.

This is called the Diphros it was a stool without arms or back. There were two types, one with fixed legs and the other with folding. Similar to the Egyptian stool.

This stool has legs imitating an animal which is very common for furniture in those times.

Another image of the Diphros.

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