Thursday, November 10, 2011

DESIGN NEWS: The Height of Regal

Didier Faustino, is both an artist and architect mainly known for his avant-garde style and fascination with space. Faustino's exhibit The Best of All Worlds is being held in Paris, France until December 4th which consists of Regal chairs designed at various heights! He is also the co-founder of Bureau des Mesarchitecture architect firm and will be speaking at UofT and OCAD universities November 22nd and 23rd.

I absolutely love this! The different heights and consistency of shape and colour works well with the space creating a collage of work. The elongated legs and the placement of the chairs give the impression of a continuous growth into space. Just fabulous!

And the gallery...

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

PORTFOLIO: Staging Work

I have been able to work on a few staging jobs in my time and they are quite fun! With staging there is usually a streamlined contemporary look with a "magazine finish" that real estate agents like to go for, this helps the masses viewing for a current look within design; nothing to fancy or over the top. Homeowners on the other hand usually like to make it more personal because of their existing furniture and decor items that have meaning or some type of memoir. This is where a stager/ designer needs to balance the two.

Please view the below techniques:

Traditional: Keeping in touch with the exterior architecture of the house, the client's sofas mixed with modern accent pieces compliment each other.

Contemporary: Always works and can never go wrong! Most people like this because model homes usually look like this.

Modern: This style usually depends on the architecture of the home, but clean lines and white tones are usually involved to make the space look bigger for a great selling point.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

DESIGN NEWS: New Flooring Products

New Shaw Contract Collection - On the Edge

Abstact Edge

Square commercial carpet tiles are old news! Edge features new 18-inch by 36-inch patterned, rectangular tiles in three patterns and vibrant, modern colors that can be combined for a graphic-design inspired or traditional look.

Best of NeoCon Gold this year at Chicago's IIDEX. Shaw Contract gives a bold layered looks which can spice up the old boring office!

Horizontal Edge

NOTE: Because the tiles can be mixed within the different patterns, Horizontal, Vertical and Abstract, installation methods are endless.

SPEC's: Tiles are backed by EcoWorx, which contains 40 percent pre-consumer recycled content, is recyclable and backed for performance. The tiles help earn LEED and Innovation in Design credits.

Onto Other News for This Summer's Forcast:

Flaster Concrete Wall & Floor Tiles

Designed by Andras Rudolf
Manufactured by Ivanka

The Budapest based company has a philosophy that focuses on the relationship between the materials used within architecture + design and their influence on each other. Ivanka products range from interiors to fashion, outdoor sculptures and now floor/ wall tiles.

Material: made of a high density fiber reinforced concrete, these medallions are reminiscent of traditional tiles from Morocco. Now as a modern product, these tiles create a high fashion, cozy feel for interiors and exteriors.

This just reminds me of a Luis Vuitton print for an A + D campaign ad. Fashion and interiors go hand in hand!

Available Sizes: 11.5" x 11.5" and 8.5 x 8.5". Install on an angle or across linear with spacers between each tile .

To check out the collection and specs click here

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Artistic Expression: Gauguin

Leading French Post - Impressionist artist from France with a vast amount of knowledge and experience that later produced into art through different mediums such as: painting, sculpting, print- making, pottery, and writing.

He was one of the first mainstream artist to capture people of a different colour and lifestyle for Europe and the Western world.

Please just take this in:

Paul Gauguin, Te aa no areois (The Seed of the Areoi), 1892, The Museum of Modern Art

The Yellow Christ (Le Christ jaune), 1889, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY

The Midday Nap, (1894)

And one of his most famous pieces:

Spirit of the Dead Watching 1892, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY

His work will make someone question how history was written.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Colourful Side Chairs

As summer comes to an end I just can't help but post these BEAUT's. Colourful and great for a happy mood or mood that needs some cheering up!


These are all available through Henderson Resource Group, proud sponser's of this years IIDEX NEO CON: September 22 - 24th.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

DESIGN NEWS: Sayl by Herman Miller

My pleasure to bring these to the blog!!!

Presenting: Sayl by Herman Miller (manufacturer) & Yves BĂ©har (designer)
Design Feature: suspension bridge - frame less back, which encourages full range of movement
Inspiration: San Francisco's Golden Bridge (city where the designer is from)

Side Profile

Upholstered Back

Guest Chair

SAYL has 93% recyclable & eco-dematerialized which means they reduced the amount of material needed.

= less cost and smaller carbon footprint

The material is "stretched from the Y-Tower at the back of the chair just as cables are stretched from the towers of a suspension bridge.” Tension is greater wherever bodies need more support: these areas of SAYL are known as “hinge points.”

Love it! New technology for the furniture design world. What will be next!?

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Global Showroom

Last week I was able to visit the Global Showroom in north Toronto. Global has many companies under their umbrella including: Global Contract, Descor, Offices to Go, GlobalCare, Global Salon, and Teknion! Global's genre of design is for commercial applications from office systems to seating. Please see the below of the tour:

Global's Wind Series..

Descor - Solid wood collection. I think the crendenza is a little to high for the desk, but I love the edging of the desk.

Global Contract- Evolve systems

Great for open office space for small meeting area with storage on left side..

Global Contracts Evolve- pivoting L-shape table also for short meetings.

Global Contract- Bridges benching systems

Love this wall!

Some African figurines decor for the desk

*** New style for the office of having floating desks that overlap the casegoods. Other brands that do this is Inscape with Planna and Watson with the Miro/ Zo combination.

Duet Series- many colours!

Global - Kate chair

This would be great for a small home office!

To see more of their vast Products visit: and you can connect to all their other companies.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Versions of The Egg Chair

PAST - The first Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen in 1958. This was contributed to the rise of modern design. The original colour was green, but now available in many different patterns & textures.

10 year's later.....
Henrik Thor-Larsen's Ovalia Egg Chair was exhibited at Scandinavian furniture fair and contributed to retro design.

PRESENT - Now designers are taking a whole new approach with the same ideology for inspiration.

Emma Selzer has designed a wooded laminate workstation in the form of an egg. This pod like structure can be suspended and also swivel in a 360.

Philippe Starck has designed the "Play Collection" for Dedon, who are known for their outdoor furniture especially
in regards to their woven polypropylene.

Many styles of hanging lounger, floor lounger, and assembled on the platform where one could rest their drink beside them ;) I believe it's inspiration was a half pitted papaya.

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Portfolio: Downtown Office Space

This project I took on the responsibility of a new office rejuvenation. I was able to provide my services of space planning, finish & furniture selection, project management, and organization. We were able to finish the project in 3 days!

The Process:

A) Initial Meeting & Assessment
B) Proposal and Budget Planning
C) Furniture Research
D) Project Management
E) Moving, Donation & Shopping
F) Furniture Arrangement, Handy Work and Organization

The previous furniture was too heavy leaving the flow of traffic interrupted and not maximizing the space. Here are before & after pictures:


For this project we kept it simple with Ikea furniture because in the assessment meeting the time span they are planning to stay is 3 more years. Therefore, we specified furniture pertaining to that time frame and great for budget until new ventures!

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