Thursday, May 19, 2011

DESIGN NEWS: Sayl by Herman Miller

My pleasure to bring these to the blog!!!

Presenting: Sayl by Herman Miller (manufacturer) & Yves Béhar (designer)
Design Feature: suspension bridge - frame less back, which encourages full range of movement
Inspiration: San Francisco's Golden Bridge (city where the designer is from)

Side Profile

Upholstered Back

Guest Chair

SAYL has 93% recyclable & eco-dematerialized which means they reduced the amount of material needed.

= less cost and smaller carbon footprint

The material is "stretched from the Y-Tower at the back of the chair just as cables are stretched from the towers of a suspension bridge.” Tension is greater wherever bodies need more support: these areas of SAYL are known as “hinge points.”

Love it! New technology for the furniture design world. What will be next!?

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