Sunday, June 28, 2009

Neoporte Doors

Neoporte is a company that manufactures stainless steel doors out of California. The have very interesting styles and attributes for design and construction. Below are some of the adds they have:

In the Dune.

Forest Life. Green.

In the Tide. Love it!

So with Neoporte as the client you have 3 different options for the glass panels.
Water effect, organic, and textured. The textured one comes in different colours.
More images below of their work:
Gated door....

This door goes great with modern architecture especially with natural elements like the wood.

The tropical trees, stone, white stucco, glass, and the stainless steel doors are the epitome of architecture!

First of all I love the landscaping! This door is very streamline and looks great with the architecture.

The small square windows are repeated in the architecture above. The style has a modern Mexican style.

Courtyard style love it! Similar to the floor plans from the Greek town of Olynthus. Floor plan below:

The Central area {shaped like a box} is the courtyard. The squares on both sides of that are the columns {and in that time} they would most likely been Doric style.