Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Inside Neverland

Made in 1982 by real estate developer William Bone who fully furnished the home and sold it to Mr. Jackson in 1988. Tucked away in California’s Santa Ynez Valley this estate carries a Traditional style with lots of wood, exposed beams, and interesting pieces.

The King of Pop and his Maison:

Exposed beams made of oak, marble fireplace, and a library wall which featured a hidden movie screen that lowered from the ceiling.

Very old American style with the Windsor chairs, which we will touch on later on through the History Period Styles.

17th century monastery mirrors embroidered frames hung above a wood sculpture that were once a collection in the Louvre. An antique French work table with a Chinese porcelain tobacco jar in front.

Kitchen with Portuguese tile, 2 walk in pantry's and a skylight with leaded-glass.

Bathroom with a marble counter top, camel-hair Heriz rug, and a mid-19th-century linen press and an antique stool. Very interesting.

One of my fav concepts for your backyard! Bouquet Canyon stone and Douglas fir (wood) for the barbecue area, which had a gas grill, a dishwasher, an ice maker, a trash compactor and two cook tops.

Signing off for the King of Pop.
R.I.P. Michael

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