Thursday, July 23, 2009

Design News: Fashion and Interiors!

In the August edition of House and Home they have a very interesting comparison with fashion and interiors. I did a post a little while back questioning fashion designers that cross over to interiors. Well it is quite apparent that the 2 industries go hand-in-hand.

Here are some scanned images from the magainze. I absolutly adore this edition! Please purchase a copy and check out !

Jennifer Ferreira, in the fashion industry (worked with Tom Ford at Gucci) and now an interior decorator. She has also worked with Martha Stewart for the Weddings magazine as a stylist and set designer. She now resides in Toronto.

On to Fashion and Interiors! Haute Romantic.

The fabric for the canopy flows the same way as the dress. The hues are all in the same range (monochromatic). The feel of the interior matches the same that is brought out in the dress. A fine comparison.

Modern Edge comparison. Sleek, clean, black and white. Refined, dignified and true to Modern styles.

Tough Luxe.

Uptown Elegance.

A capitvating abstact painting by Canadian painter Pierre Gendron it goes well with the pumpkin chair.

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