Thursday, February 11, 2010

Christopher Guy: Settee's & Chaise Loungers

Christopher Guy is a not just any furniture designer he is a man with a vision that is clearly expressed in each piece. I was on his website and his quotes are timeless, they relate to the whole idea of me having this blog; pertaining to the History Period Styles i.e. Art History at its finest!

"In every culture, decorative heirlooms define a nation in much the same way as its music, poets and writers do...or at least did"

"Furnishings were the last in line of cultural elements from architecture to gain an international identity. Elegance, sophistication and grace have always transcended cultural boundaries; the objective has been to transfer this into distinct decorative furnishings" , Christopher Guy


Take a look at his Settee's and Chaises for I found them quite appealing and very French!!!

I feel this was inspired by a shell of some sort. The contrast and symmetry are simply breath taking.

I find the 2 back feet are very interesting with the x-shape, which we have seen throughout art history in different furniture forms.

This is based on a French design "tete a tete" (meaning head-to-head) which we will touch on later in the History Period Style entries. I love the top rail, it was hand carved with perfection!

A delightful S-shape tete a tete design as well. This piece was hand carved in mahogany with rattan details. X -shape legs.

Described as a "high back shelter design" on his website. Again made out of mahogany with a purple velvet fabric.

I love this piece because of the tight scroll arms; they are reminiscent of my chair the BRUTEAL!

The details on this are very elegant in my opinion especially with the leaf detail at the top which is very French influenced. High back with a deep seat to accommodate the down-filled cushions.

Lower back with same design as above. I am quite fond of it in this colour combo!

Empire style providing seating for 4. The finish is called Black Poly with Renaissance Gold. A lovely piece I might add!

A rival of classic style that is very unique without compromising comfort and detail!

Rattan back detail with Baroque type legs (very heavy and grounded). Hand carved with the renaissance gold finish.

Reminds me of an Art Novueau piece which I absolutely adore! It is free flowing with elegance and femininity. the corner leg is the x-shape for support. My fav piece!

Twin octagonal back rests that also come as a trio. This design is Art Deco inspired and that sets a contemporary mood.

Made of an Italian rattan back, this settee is sheer elegance, one of the best words to describe Christopher Guy's pieces!
Coming up: History Period Styles Spain- Moores

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