Thursday, March 11, 2010


The other day I went to visit my friend Paula at A Special Place. She told me to pop into ELTE to look at their showroom space and floor models. I came across some unique pieces.

ELTE is located in the Castlefield design area in the west end. I highly recommend people to check out this place. They even carry some costume jewellery!

Love this king size bed with the wings on the side. The upholstery job and fabric is fabulous!

King size measurements: 78" W x 80" L

The colour on the walls really caught my attention for this setting. If you look in the mirror you can see me taking the picture.

I believe this is a Calvin Klein chair. You can always tell by their "boxy" / modern designs.

Love the form and colours of this chair. Reminds me of the Barbara Barry collection......

This was spotted in their sale section. I absolutely adore this piece! The form is reminiscent of Gaudi's chair!

Great settee, very Roman Empire/ Egyptian. I would put this in a hallway!

How could one not love the colour and design of this piece? I am a fan of the tack heads along the edges.

Now this is just plush! My fav colour with gold trimmings. Great for my boudoir!

Gotta love the marble tops!

Mirrored tables, sideboards, and cabinets are very "in" right now. We have a few at the showroom. Check out to see where I work and what I do!

I don't know if you can tell by this picture but this chair is very light in weight with an Art Nouveau feel. Just a classic!

I really like this bed. The material is very durable, sleek, and easy to clean!

The design and hardware on the piece is just breathe taking! The detail looks like an inlay from past designs. Great for an adults room or a chic little girls room.
See you soon for Spain and the Moores era!

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