Thursday, June 10, 2010

Home Show 2010

Hello All:

Sorry it has been a while my computer crashed :( All good though we are back up and running!

This Year's 2010 Home Show was a success! The company I work for Roomy Interiors had a booth/ shed called the Glam Cave that we debuted at the Interior Design Show (IDS). I was lucky enough to man it for a few days. My experiences and moments are captured below, courtesy of my Bestie Jahmilla of Plush Paparazzi.

Me, The Miss NAMI herself! All love, heart, and passion!

The Bestie! More love, heart, and passion!

Roomy Interiors! Congrats Joanna, 7 years of business!

Interior of Glam Cave.

Custom Designed Jewelery Desk!

Blown glass crystals

Rain Chandelier.

Inspirational Flowers and Vase from our 2009 Fall Collection.

Illusion Tables in frosted and black.

Custom Designed closet to match jewelery desk.

Diva day bed: Marque fabric, folding pull out double bed, and proudly Canadian. The wall panels in the back are Joanne Gem Fabric with blown glass textured wallpaper by Woeller Group.


Limestone options! Loves it

The Fifth Wall rugs had some interesting prints and textures...

Loving the shags lately!

Ty Pennington from Extreme Makeover was at the Home Show. He had a booth area displaying the same furniture with 3 different looks. He did this by using decor accent items like wallpaper, throws, rugs, and mirrors.


Zen Vibe: rocks, lighting, and they are only missing some bambooo!

I love table settings!

I really like this fabric, it works well with the black frame and throw!

Bestie taking some time out to sip on a tini....

I see all!

NAMI..... Is glad to be back!

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