Monday, November 8, 2010

College Portfolio: Renderings, Models & CAD

Greetings to All!

I have attached some images of my work from college. These include Renderings of perspective drawings, models designed and produced out of foam core, and Auto CAD drawings in a marketing package form. Please view below:

1.TRIBAL TOWERS- Marketing/ Interior Design Package

->Concept: A pre-war building that has been transformed into condominiums. Not your average developments because they are equipped with built in furniture for proper use of space, ergonomics, and sustainability. The reason behind this is for clients to move in right away, stress-free. Amenities include Sony Flat screen TV's, soft furnishings and decor, tennis courts, in and outdoor pools, washing machines in every suite, and a down town location off the Gardiner.

Tribal Towers Motto: Urban, Class, Culture, and Lifestyle for a new up and coming generation!

->Suite Design
: The concept is of different African Tribes to draw inspiration from just starting with paintings and sculptures. Then the process develops with colours and finishes still keeping a modern/ contemporary theme.

Floor Plan of every suite layout for all floors: hallway access, stair cases and emergency exits.

Vili Suites are Barrier Free pertaining to wheel chair accessibility. Every floor has 1 suite with the Building Code requirements to obtain universal design for the Ontario standards.


This was a restaurant design that was done with Prisma Colour Markers. This builds the clients understanding of depth, shadowing/ highlights, and space. All designs are all abiding to the Ontario Building Code requirements.

This rendering was for a retail design project with the knowledge of the Ontario Building Code.


The concept behind this project was to understand the Site Plan to determine the back walk out pertaining to the different ground levels. This model started out with manual construction drawings rather than Auto CAD.

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