Thursday, November 11, 2010

Portfolio: Neoset & Profile Construction

Below is some of my work from my co-op term I did 2 summer's ago. Neoset is a company from Greece that involved modular furniture components. Meaning- they had a series of standard panels and as the designer/ sales consultant you would make them fit into the clients space, based on their measurements.

TV Unit

Residential Office Space


Profile works out of their showroom on Steeles by Jane that containes: tiles, bathroom fixtures, and lighting to name a few. They would mainly design for Kitchen and Bath design when I was there. I had the opportunity of doing Project Managing and Interior Design for the Lily Residence, Toronto East General Hospital on Coxwell, and an Accounting firm in Brampton for Office Design.

Lily Residence Floor Plan- to provide design elements and exceptional traffic flow for kitchen design.


Toronto East General- This project was to provide correct fire wall rating following building code requirements to pass for permits.

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