Thursday, November 11, 2010

Design News:Lighting Trends

Lighting is always one of the most important aspect of design! It helps set the mood, understand colour, and illuminates important pieces. I have received some newsletters from Designers Walk that I wanted to share.

Introducing the Niagara Chandelier:

Designed by: Lladro
Size: 112 ¼” x 78¾”
Diametre: 2 metres
Additional Info: Contains 300 wings of porcelain sculptures with the latest in fiber optics

Hope Chandelier:

Designed by: Luceplan USA
Inspiration: A diamond with over 400 karats
Additional Info:A series of thin, flat plastic Fresnel lenses

Iris Pendant Lamp:

Designed by: Alex MacMaster
Material: wood bent into various forms
Additional Info: Also available in a floor lamp, colours: purple, blue yellow and white

Lola Lamp:

Designed by:
Material: American Oak
Reminiscent of designer Alvar Aalto

Plumen: Low Energy Lighting

The design/ style is too industrial for me but some people can really pull this off.

Designer: London based company Hulgar
Recognized as: Shaped tubes into a sculpture of light rather than basic bulb formats
Specifications: Uses 80% less electricity than incandescent bulbs, and last 8 times longer.
Additional Info:Low-energy light bulbs contain small traces of mercury, which is not dangerous in the dose 1 bulb can provide.

More pics:
Industrial with the brick and architectural elements.
For general residential applications!

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