Monday, November 22, 2010

Design News: Contempory Cocktail Tables

More Design Trends from Designer's Walk! I wanted to post what is new in the Coffee Table world

Introducing: The Bullet

Alexandra Von Furstenberg 's Company, is new and up on the rise with her arcylic furniture collections. She is the step-daughter of Diane Von Frustenberg, fashion designer. I love this table because it really captures the essence of a diamond as a coffee table!

Designer: Alexandra Von Frustenberg
Design: Constructed of 18 clear acrylic panels joined at each of the 18 junctions- nine on top and nine below)

More Images below:

Tinted black..

And clear acrylic

Introducing: La Vetreria Cocktail Table

Designer: La Vetreria, Italy
Additional Info: Available in different heights and colours. There asn't any more info on where to buy and construction, but at least it is good for inspiration!

NAMI..... Inspiration. Imagination. Innovation.

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