Monday, November 22, 2010

Floor Plans: Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest has a variety of Floor Plans available under the "Designers & Architects" section. A way way to gain inspiration!

A very modern design that appears like 2 floor plans have merged together to create this abstract space. I like! What I have pasted below is from the website regarding the info on the plan:

"Architect Dean Nota gave an austere stucco fa├žade to the Venice, California, livework space he built for Architectural Digest contributing photographer Erhard Pfeiffer, disguising the warmth of the airy, loft-style interior and protecting it from the noise of a high-traffic intersection. Above: He removed an old garage to maximize use of the irregular site, shown in the plan. (October 2008)"

I like the design of this space because the architects thought about designing from the inside out! I really appreciate the large dining room with 2 tables, great for entertaining and dinner parties. From A&D:

"A New York couple hired Shelton, Mindel & Associates to renovate their Central Park West apartment. As they did throughout the 8,500-square-foot residence, the architects opened up the living room to more light and better views. The floor plan, includes the architects’ furniture placements. The 100-foot-long window wall is at the top of the drawing. (April 2008)"

My favourite part about this plan is the site plan and landscaping. I love all the foliage and greenery and am always a fan of stucco! My only thing is the plan is quite small only accommodating 2 bedrooms :s. From A&D:

"Scott Allen, of Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen, took a residence in Port Ludlow, Washington, down to its studs and reimagined it. Of the now double-height entrance, Allen says, “The point of the aperture is to feel as little interruption as possible going from outdoors to indoors,” an idea found throughout the house. Above: The first-floor plan. “Most of our energy was spent reconfiguring the spaces that would become the entrance and the great room,” says the architect. (October 2008)"


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