Friday, November 12, 2010

Design News: Modern Modular Seating

When I first started with my interest in the design world I was able to secure a co-op internship with TV Ontario, there I was introduced to Commercial Interior Design. I had the opportunity to work with Quadrangle Architects and Teknion Furniture Systems job shadowing the 2nd floor renovations. With that said, modular seating was of great interest to me because of the hided compartments, casters, and arrangements- to name a few.

Presenting: FreeFlow

Designer: Gordon Guillaumier for Moroso
Construction: Hardwood frame with polyester fiberfill covering. Base- varnished black or white steel. Feet- chrome glossy white or black varnished aluminum.
Upholstery: Kvadrant wool that is flame retardant polyurethane foam with 2 strips- 1 for the backrest and the other for the seat.
Additional Info: 8 piece sofa, front and back bend and flip to preference. Modular seating so one can position the height desired by the glides that are located on the top of the feet.

More Pic's of Different Configurations:

Presenting: DNA

Manufacturer: Teknion
Purpose: Interchangeable square seating units, movable backs, and portable laptop tables for commercial spaces to maximize work productivity.
Finishes: Upholstery- wool or leather in orange, khaki, or charcoal. Tabletops- natural veneer, walnut, and cherry. Bases- polished aluminum or painted.
Additional Info: Greenguard certification for indoor air quality and also available customized sustainable upholstery options.

More Pics:

Presenting: Grato

Designer: Brunner from Germany.
Applications: For conference rooms, airports, in the office/ reception, or a theatre.
Purpose: Series of modular waiting furniture programmed for maximum maneuverability.
Additonal Info: Various forms of stools, benches, easy chairs, and two- or three-seaters available in this style.


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