Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Portfolio: College Apartment

This is my apartment from my last year of College in London. Almost all of the furnishings were made by Ms. NAMI herself. I also did the art work. Enjoy!

Entrance with foam core collage in the back

Living Room with broken glass art on the left. Wall Tattoo Stickers far back, and China Town room divider. Don't forget the BRUTEAL!

Dining Room with Bar Table and Stools I upholstered. Fabric from Designer Fabrics on Queen West, Toronto.

Peek through of Kitchen; little decor items. My classmate would always laugh at my mirror!

Bathroom avec Marilyn

NAMI..... Inspiration. Imagination. Innovation

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  1. Great place to have. Beautiful interior designs, feels like want to own this. Great blog you have.

    Paula M